Blowing Winds

hey yall. Sorry I’ve been mute. My plan was to go to Paris this summer, meet some critic friends and see the Godard exhibition. I pulled the necessary bootstraps up and quit my job  but capriciously decided to stay home and try to make a film with my bootstraps. Brian (et al.) was kind enough to offer all sorts of help and advice and now I feel bad for not making it there.    At the moment  I am trying to make it here (!), my idea of making it being a film (on dv) about talking dogs.
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Bombs, away!

AndreAfter several false starts I’m finally venturing to post  on this, the  magnifient hub of the Rector spatio-temporal enterprise.

I will make it brief this time and promise to follow. Since this is the internet and there’s no reason to go blind, I am attempting to attach a photo (especially for those who haven’t seen me since the Reagan years, in short, since yesterday)!

I have my own page, which I make no apologies for ( ). As the page will indicate, however obscurely (the mo the betta, in my view), I am attempting to be a cineaste, in both the French and English meanings of the word. I am more allied to the (now considered old) French mode of simultaneously making films and living film as an internationale cause (du peuple).

More to come, bloods!

(Cousins, its been so long….!)

All the best,