College Life in Atlanta

Don't I look so scholarly now?

Hey there Rectors! I am finally getting around to posting on here. As you all know, I am in college right now (Georgia State University! Go Panthers!). I have basically been here for about a month and I’m loving it. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to go to college since the sixth grade so the fact that I’m actually here feels amazing. City life is the best. Of course anything seems exciting when you’ve lived in a suburb for almost ten years. Anyway,  I’ve decided for my first post to give you a bit of a photo tour of my dorm . Disclaimer: I used a really ghetto 15$ camera, and I drank a lot of coffee when I took these, so please excuse the shakiness/blurriness on some of these. Here we go:

This is my door. I know it’s lame, but I love the fact that my room mate and I have very similar letters in our names. Masha and Myeshia. The M&M’s. Also, that is the peep hole I use to creep on people and see what they’re up to. (RE: Kiddie Freshman dorm room labels. GA State wants us to remember the fact that we are little Freshman, obviously.)
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