College Life in Atlanta

Don't I look so scholarly now?

Hey there Rectors! I am finally getting around to posting on here. As you all know, I am in college right now (Georgia State University! Go Panthers!). I have basically been here for about a month and I’m loving it. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to go to college since the sixth grade so the fact that I’m actually here feels amazing. City life is the best. Of course anything seems exciting when you’ve lived in a suburb for almost ten years. Anyway,  I’ve decided for my first post to give you a bit of a photo tour of my dorm . Disclaimer: I used a really ghetto 15$ camera, and I drank a lot of coffee when I took these, so please excuse the shakiness/blurriness on some of these. Here we go:

This is my door. I know it’s lame, but I love the fact that my room mate and I have very similar letters in our names. Masha and Myeshia. The M&M’s. Also, that is the peep hole I use to creep on people and see what they’re up to. (RE: Kiddie Freshman dorm room labels. GA State wants us to remember the fact that we are little Freshman, obviously.)

Love the colors purple and green together. They are a magical combination. True facts guys. True facts..

Ah, my bed.  No, it is not made. Some habits die hard, alright? I swear I spend 70% of my time in it. I like to sleep, read, study, and watch TV in it. As you can see, it is rather high, and the ladder I’m supposed to use to get on it is blocked by the damned wall ( shown on the left if you squint). This proved somewhat of a problem the first night I tried to go to sleep.  Shorties have all the problems don’t they? Anyway, the first night I just resorted to getting a running head start and flinging myself on the thing like a spider monkey. It was pretty much a belly flop onto the bed. It worked for me, but Myeshia missed the bed once. Not enough momentum. It was not pretty. A few days later, I just used Myeshia’s desk chair  as a stool and the world was right again.

SpongeBob will travel with me always. Even to grad school.

Oh, look who/ what it is. My childhood friend and loyal companion. Mr. Squarepants and I have a great relationship. His alarm wakes me up everyday on time so I can get to my classes. He is, in fact, the key to my future. If I didn’t get up for class, where would I be? Sure, he used to run a little fast when I was still living at home, but he obviously realized that college is a serious place, and there is no room for mistakes.

(yes, Cousin Eric, that is the edge of the book you sent me.)

This is my room mate. She is sleeping. It is one o'clock.
These are her feet. No idea why I took this.

I would like to get a better picture of my room mate for you, but when I am awake, it seems like she’s always sleeping. I will post a better picture next time. She is so awesome. I got extremely lucky  with her. We are room mate soul mates. Funny thing is, I didn’t even file one of the “room mate preferences” sheets. I just let the chips fall. They fell perfectly.

Speech class materials, Macbook, Russian doll, planner, coffee mug, etc.

My desk. It’s where I do stuff and accomplish things, I guess. To be honest, I study more in my bed or in the cafe in the Student Center. Also, when it’s not being used for scholarly tasks, it makes for a very nice guest seat, as we have no spare seating in our dorm.

This picture pretty much sums up college life in general. Soda, take out, stacks of books, wrinkled clothes, etc.
Myeshia's poor desk.

This is my room mate’s desk. As you can see, I am a bit more focused on academics than she is. This does not make her less awesome though.

And now I'm hungry again.

This photo is blurry sorry. Like I said, I have a sketchy camera. As a college student, it is my duty to have snacks and microwavable noodles around AT ALL TIMES, for we college students are an eternally hungry breed. I had to sacrifice some book space for food space, but I believe the sacrifice was worth it. By the way, this is only a percentage of my food stash.

$20 mini fridge and cheap microwave. Possibly the most useful objects in our room.

Here is where the rest of our stash of food is. Oh, I store some stuff in my closet too. Need for food space > Need for clothes space.

Items I use everyday:

The light of my life, Nescafe.

Coffee Schedule:

1)8:00am:First cup of coffee. 2)8:30 am: My room mate’s mundane bullshit problems. 3)9:00am: The professor’s mundane bullshit lectures. 4)10:00am:  Coffee refill. 10:30am:  Coffee refill. 6) 4:00 pm: Have guests over and offer them tea because I don’t want them taking all my coffee. 7)7:00pm: guests leave. 8) 7:01pm: Coffee refill.

jk, I love most of my professors’ lectures and my room mate is great.

Look at them. They are judging you.


View from my window.

Here is what part of the campus looks like from my dorm. It’s part of the residential area. I perch on my bed, stare out the window, and people watch. It’s fascinating, really. Oh, and the place that the guy in white is walking in front of, is one of the eateries/cafes I like to go and do work, hang out, get coffee, eat, etc. My friends say they always see me in the front window of the place, as that is my favorite place to sit.

And so ends the tour of my dorm. My next post will be about the people I’ve met, and about more places on campus. I will also post more detail about classes/events. I would right now, but this post is huge already. So there’s my first post. Yay me.

My unusually large pupils and I, bid you farewell! Until next time, Rectors.


4 thoughts on “College Life in Atlanta

  1. Yea you, Masha. It would bring back memories, but I lived at home my first two years at Ohio State. Five guys would pile into a car at 7am for the commute to campus. Not a swell situation, but eventually it changed.
    I look forward to reading more about your freshman life.


  2. Memories, indeed. Don’t know how I got thru it without coffee. I guess beer worked okay for me. Be careful when posting about yer awesome roommate. As awesome as she is, she may not think her problems are mundane bullshit. Surely yer joking but that might not come across in print (e.g. if her mom reads it) and we don’t want any trouble in paradise. Have fun and stay safe!


  3. Nice first post. You’ve set a high bar. I enjoyed the blur/strange lighting aspect of your cheap camera as the caffeine filter through which you are viewing things…I did not discover coffee until I was in my 20s, however. in any case, cousin Masha, it looks like you’re having a good year so far.

    I shared a room smaller than yours with two other dudes my freshman year at Duke; think about that. My bed was set on top of two dressers to make room for all of our desks.


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