Doc B is Back

Doc BDoc B finally has his home email back. Didn’t see the Vince Young show in Pasadena but seems like he’s a hot commodity. He goes #3 to the Titans. They already have the original linebacker-sized QB, Air McNair (who can throw the rock with anyone), so they should be able to fit the new kid in. Bush goes #1 — no way Texans give up on their QB at this point with this guy available. Leinart goes #2 to the Aints. They just hired a QB coach as they new HC and there’s no way a QB coach passes over a classic drop-back game manager for an athletic guy with an iffy arm like Young. Jets new HC takes Ferguson. Stud OT is safe pick when you know that the team is at least a couple few years away from competing. I saw where the Pack, at #5, are in love with young LenDale. Only problem is he was barely in anyone’s top 20 three weeks ago. Do they reach and hope every Sunday will be a new Rose Bowl or do they risk trading down? More likely the former, as the hype machine gets cranked up. Big mistake is leaking that you got yer eyes on a guy who should normally go much lower than yer pick. Skins did it last year with that Auburn QB and had to scramble to get him in the end.

What Doc B really wants to know is who the Pats will draft. Big needs at RB, ILB, S, CB and they pick 21st. Looks like there are 3 LBs rated in the top 15ish, so maybe one falls (like NT Wilfork fell to them the last time they drafted this high). RBs should be available on the FA market if they decide that Dillon’s really hit the wall. Good DBs could also be available at 21 but I’d say that yer more likely to find serviceable DBs later on than LBs.
Doc B
Of course, Ratto’s right: It’s all just a dart board before the combine. As for the Pats, Belichick’s got guys coaching in college that will feed him their diamonds in the rough (Notre Dame, Fresno State, among others). He picked two Fresno kids last year that raised eyebrows — one started every game at LG and the other, a LB, redshirted his first year on IR. Maybe he (and other injureds) can come back and save a draft


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