Snow In Maine

Snow in Maine

After several rainstorms that had washed all of our existing snow away, today it finally snowed again in Maine, and all looks right with the world again. It was big slow fluffy soap-flake snow, exceedingly squeeky with every step.



One thought on “Snow In Maine

  1. W was in Connecticut last week on business from the 23rd to the 26th and had the opportunity to fly into Westchester County Airport in that self-same storm (in a SAAB 340 prop-jet) – then the joy of driving up I-684 to Brewster, NY and I-84 to Danbury, CT. Lovely. The same snow event that made Eric feel joyful with his squeeky steps made me stressed driving alongside assholes from NY and NJ trying to run me off the road. Perhaps – in only two years – I’ve lost my New England snow-driving touch.


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