corridor of caps

I’ve amassed some caps over the years.

caps i.jpg

Go Sox! Purchased at the souvenir shop across from Fenway Park. MLB model with no adjustment strap.

Go Giants! Purchased at Candlestick Park. The pins are for special games and such (like first interleague game vs. A’s, viewed in Tom’s corporate Tri Valley box [see future cap]).

SAAB A Christmas gift from Tom.

Fenway Park 75th Anniversary… passed out at the annual Patriots Day Game.

caps ii.jpg

Belfast Maine, given to me by Eric when he was working at Harborside Graphics.

ArchiCad Promotional cap given to me by the Rep. I still have it because it’s good in the rain.

49ers Super Bowl Champions “Locker Room” cap. As worn by Steve Young on TV. Carol got it for me.

caps iii.jpg

ZYZZYVA The last word in the dictionary at the time, a type of weevil, a SF literary quartly. promo

University of Chicago Press, also good in the rain. promo

Regular ol’ straw hat

caps iv.jpg

Books by the Bay, annual SF book fair

Lunch Box, DeeDee & Eddie’s (former) restaurant in Baltimore, Ohio. Snagged on site.

New Orleans French Quarter, Given to me by a cute chick on the street in the Crescent City for a $10 donation to something or other.

The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks, promo. I’ll probably pitch this to re-use the hook.

WV, from Amy and Gary, of course. Cool logo.

caps vi.JPG

Patriots Super Bowl xxxix Champions. Thanks, Eric.

Smith College. From Paula’s closet. Leslie swears it’s hers.

The aforementioned TriValley Growers cap. I wear this for my early morning walks.

caps vii.JPG

OBC, Old But Cool from Tom on my 60th Birthday

Suede hat with mesh around the crown to keep the head cool. Bought at the Union Street Fair. caps were being passed out on Fillmore Street by enthusiastic young folks, Carol nabbed one. The next week went out of business. The cap is all cotton and really soft and comfortable.

caps v.jpg

Portland Sea Dogs, Boston’s AA farm club. Thanks, Eric.

Georgia Bulldogs, Thanks, Brian

KNBR 680, I got last week for purchasing tickets to 5 Giants games for $68. Such a deal.

caps ix croix.JPG

Croix de Candlestick awarded after the Giants last night game at Candlestick Park.


4 thoughts on “corridor of caps

  1. Didn’t I give you an FU hat from Furman University/foodservice University? I didnt see it listed…they have changed the design now and no longer have hats that just say “FU”…hmmm…perhaps it was my email to them inquiring about buying 100 of them ’cause I “liked the FU”. Hold on to the TVG hat…it will be a collectors item someday, since my management team drove them into Chapter 7 bankrupcy and they were liqidated in 2002. Too bad.


  2. W has several FU hats. One light winter toboggan cap (I bought two because Tommy-tom stole my first one) that is my favorite from late October to early March. It is reversable – gray with a purple interlaced FU on one side and purple with a gray interlaced FU on the other. And a couple of baseball type FU hats – white with a purple FU. Now that I know Marc is a hat collector, an FU is in his future. What a way to advertise for gifts…


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