West Broad Map Header

UPDATE update: Ooops! I got mixed up and thought it was NORTH Harris, sorry. I have readjusted the view and am now pointing to the SOUTH Harris home with the empty lot beside it…how’s that look?

1st UPDATE: New map is now adjusted south to show West Broad itself, and green arrow shows approximate site of the homestead. I slightly darkened the images behind the title, and I think that helped a lot.

Tommy wanted me to zoom in, but when I do that, I lose West Broad completely. You can check it out by clicking the thumbnail below.

Zoom on Harris Ave.

What do you think about the new header for the Rector Web Site?? It’s a satallite image of the old Hilltop neighborhood around West Broad, with an approximate pointer to the family house? Has any one else made the pilgrimage recently? Click on this thumbnail of the picture Marcus took when we visited there last October to see a larger version.

I’m open to other ideas of header images, expecially if you want to send contributions for header images (make sure they’re 760 pixels wide, and 200 pixels tall — JPG or PNG or GIF will work)



3 thoughts on “West Broad Map Header

  1. Yep, that’s the old homestead as I remember it (actually, it looks a little better than I remember it!). Marcus: are the paint spots still on the wall in the BR that W and I shared (from the time he painted the fan blades and then turned it on…).

    E: Nice job on the broad street header…two suggestions: zoom in a notch, and change the color of the text…it bleeds out a little and is hard to read with the map in the B/R. Otherwise, not bad!


  2. Bonne idée.
    Putting a black outline around the text might stop the bleeding. I would also suggest a circle (or even a rifle-sight-style target) around the house rather than the pointer.


  3. I think the green arrow is in the wrong place.
    As I see it, North is at the top. The big building (under the arrow) is West Broad School, the street on the left of the school is Hague Ave.
    Our house is on 46 SOUTH Harris, one block east of Hague, right on the bottom edge of the image.


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