A Maine Snowy Moment

Alison on the hearth
Late this afternoon as I sat on our couch, opposite our big masonry heater, reading Julie & Julia (the part where CBS news has cameras follow her shopping, then home to cook) Alison looked up from her book — Cold Sassy Tree (for her book group) — and said, “it’s been a year since we found ‘Black and Whitie’ the cat.” The Olympics are on the TV with the sound turned off (boy do those speed skaters have big thighs…), and the wind is blowing outside where it’s still snowing as we get the end of the storm that has buried most of the East Coast. Then the national news came on, and the headline is that VP Cheney shot a guy…?

–E 12Feb2006


One thought on “A Maine Snowy Moment

  1. A guy steps to the curb from his sidewalk table to take a smoke. He’s preening in a tight tee shirt, trucker’s cap—worn backwards—and a soul patch… thinking he’s so cool. I’m thinking he’s so not cool, but then maybe it’s me who’s so not cool in my light blue Marimekko shirt and Portland Sea Dogs ball cap.

    Carol and I are sitting by the open window of Le Petit Robert at Polk and Green watching the world go by in the early afternoon sunshine and brunching on Baked Eggs and a Croque Monsieur.

    Carol looks around and says, “Beats blizzards,” and smiles.
    “You got that right,” I say, and take a sip of rose.
    (I wrote this before I saw your post/m)


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