Ghirardelli Square three months later

It’s such a beautiful day today!

I”d been busy writing all morning and hadn”t been out. After lunch I needed to go out and sit on a bench in the sun and read. I”m reading Writing Los Angeles: A Literary Anthology, and although I only started it yesterday, I”ve read Truman Capote, two stories by M.F.K. Fisher and six poems by Bertolt Brecht as well as some journal excerpts.

Just now I read the last entry, Beneath Mulholland by David Thompson where he imagined “Marilyn Monroe, fifty miles long, lying on her side, half buried on a ridge of crumbling rock.” It’s so refreshing to read literature after immersing myself in The Recipe Writer’s Handbook, Will Write for Food and Eats, Shoots and Leaves, although the latter is whimsical as well as informative.

Ghirardelli Square is close by, haven”t been there for a good while, they have comfortable benches in the sun.

Look what I found…


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