A letter from Uncle Frank

I wrote a letter to Uncle Frank and Aunt Wilda to send them my eatsforone.com business card and ask for their e-mail address. Yesterday, I got a letter back and it contained some interesting information, so I thought I would transcribe it to share with you.

February 22, 2006
Frank Hodgson & Wilda Rector
523 E Ladonna Dr
Tempe AZ 85283-2886

Dear Marc & Carol,
Just a reminder of our address — you sent your letter to 530! Our postman, Tom Walters, from Ohio changed it to 523! So even after almost 39 years in Arizona we still have an Ohio connection.

It was nice to hear from you — and another Marcus. Our 49 year old son is Samuel Marcus (both grandfathers), have a grandson Marcus and Dean Rector in Columbus named his son Marcus. My middle name is Hodgson after my maternal Grandpa Hodgson who came to America in 1862 to fight with the Northern Army. But being from England he was a courier between armies.

No — we do not have an email address. When we moved from our 2100 sq. ft. Phoenix home to our 1270 sq. ft. Tempe home — no room for a computer. But our daughter Cinda (55) will be contacting you. We gave the computer back to her. She used to work for Microsoft Computer.

Wilda had a back operation last year that did no good. Still working on it. I had a carotia artery unclogged last July. We get along O.K. for our age — that is — go to YMCA regularly for water aerobics and me — circuit training. By the way, our youngest has a Masters in Education — teaches at North Colorado U. And our daughter-in-law Jill PhD teaches Psychology at ASU East. So Carol — You do fit in!

Hope all is well —
Frank and Wilda

I hope to hear from Cinda soon, so I can alert her and that branch of our family to the rectorsite.



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