Hoops Hopes?

I haven’t been paying close enough attention to confidently predict the outcome of most of the NCAA tourny games, but I’m willing to take a stab at picking a final four group. Anybody interested in posting their final four teams — no wager, just for grins?

For scoring, I’m thinking that you would get a point for each game your final four team wins up to reaching the FF; i.e. each pick that ends up making it to the FF would be worth four points; sixteen possible points available. If one of your teams loses before the FF, you would still get the points from their wins (if they had any…)

Submit your picks as comments, and I’ll update this entry with the standings as we move “up the ladder.”


Marc: 14 points
Duke – UCLA – UConnVillanova

Dr. B: 8 points

Eric: 6 points

Interesting Notes:
In the unofficial brackets challengs, I score it as follows:

PLAYER/1st round/2nd round
Dr. B/21/11
Pick Highest Seeds Only/23/10

Eric clearly doesn’t know anything about college hoops, while Dr. B and Marc are now picking one better than they would have choosing only the highest seeds in the brackets. Congrats on E for choosing Wichita State to go Sweet 16; congrats to B for choosing UofWashington to play next weekend; OM’s best pick was WV (it must be because he’s got the hat and likes the logo…)

After 4:
Marc wins running away from his fil, and has a chance for two more points if the Broons go all the way. Duke got mugged by LSU, but they knew they were in a bad neighborhood and didn’t do anything about it…UConn played like it didn’t want to win…Gonzaga didn’t show a killer instinct…Florida is on a roll.


9 thoughts on “Hoops Hopes?

  1. Here’s my picks… how about a point for each win.

    Atlanta Regional
    Duke will win 6 games = Champeen
    Texas 2
    Iowa 1
    LSU 2
    Syracuse 1
    WVa 3
    Cal 1
    GW 1
    the rest 0

    Oakland Regional
    Memphis 3
    UCLA 4 Final Four
    Gonzaga 2
    Kansas 2
    Pitt 1
    Indiana 1
    Cal 1
    Bucknell 1
    the rest 0

    Washington Regional
    UConn 5 Final Four
    Tenn 2
    UNC 3
    Illinois 2
    Mich St 1
    Th’ Hall 1
    Kentucky 1
    Utah St 1
    the rest 0

    Minneapolis Regional
    Villanova 4 Final Four
    OhiO St 3
    Florida 2
    BC 2
    Nevada 1
    Oklahoma 1
    Arizona 1
    Georgetown 1
    the rest 0


  2. I haven’t been paying enough attention to college hoops to pick EVERY game in the brackets, which is why I proposed picking only the final four teams as the “competition.” as I read it, you’ve got ‘Nova, UConn, UCLA, and Dook, with the BDevils avenging their last finals loss against the Huskies. It’s great to see your whole bracket…


  3. I am going to pass. I havent paid any attention to it, and have little interest in catching up now. Bucks are ranked (#2?) and Duke is always there. Otherwise, nada. Back to work.


  4. A hastily filled out bracket for Dial for Men Tourney before I run to catch a train to Florence (Italy, not S.Car.). Thanks to Farmer E for making it actually show up and to rotate it properly.

    My FF are BC, Duke, Kansas, UConn.

    After Two Rounds

    After Four Rounds…and done


  5. E sez–

    After a RedMo showdown with Gonzaga, Duke will avenge it’s Senior Day loss to UNC (who will have beaten the Buckeyes) to win the 2006 title.

    –sez E


  6. At the Sweet Sixteen point of the tourney, I have ten teams surviving, including all of my final four picks, and have 33 wins. Pretty good, but the Washington DC bracket was not good to me. By the way, I beat “The Hall of Famer” Rick Berry, who has a talk show on our Sports Talk Radio KNBR.


  7. At the Final Four I have one, count ’em, one team left. But that’s one more than anybody else.
    By my count, I have 48 wins, total, but I could be wrong, my original bracket sheet is kinda messy.
    As for the “Eric Points,” I think I’ve got 11.
    BTW My Final Four has UCLA, not Memphis.


  8. Actually I count 12 points (as reflected above) for Marc — UCLA has 4 wins so far; UConn and Nova had 3; Duke had 2. B and I are out at 8 and 6 points apiece, so M gets all the glory!


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