Survivor Pool

I heard about an interesting variation on the radio this morning called a Survivor Pool.

What you do is pick a team to win on each day of play. If they win, you live to pick the next day. If they lose, you’re out. You can only pick a team one time, so beware of picking the high seeds too early.

Just for the hell of it, for openers, Thursday, I’ll take Marquette over Alabama.



4 thoughts on “Survivor Pool

  1. I’m also over and out, thanks to a lucky last second three pointer lobbed up by Northwestern State when Iowa had a two point lead (although Iowa had just missed the front end of a one and one, which could have at least assured no worse than a tie, or put it away…). I heard it on AM sports radio as I drove to a meeting this afternoon.


  2. At the Sweet Sixteen point of the tourney, I have ten teams surviving, including all of my final four picks, and have 33 wins. Pretty good, but the Washington DC bracket was not good to me.


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