Markie’s New Shirts

markies new shirtsYou remember Markie’s New Shoes, don”t you? Of course you do.

On that January day when Carol and I went shopping and Dine About Towning and museuming, we stopped into a store called Mix on Sutter at Grant. They told us that Marimekko is due to celebrate their 50th anniversary and will have new colors for their shirts. She said they were due in February. I left my number and she said that she would call me when they come in.

Well, now it’s late March and I haven”t heard, and I can”t remember the name of the store, but I do remember its location. It’s a nice enough day, high 50s and overcast versus low 50s and rainy as it has been, so I hop on my scooter and go to find the store. (I should have looked at my story on the Rector site for the name—but wait—serendipity is about to set in.)

I found the store and was able to park, semi-legally in front—it’s only a commercial zone—and I don”t take much space. The counter is at the way back of the store, and as I walk its length, I get a faint glimmer of recognition in the young woman’s eye. I”m wearing a Marimekko shirt for the occasion, so that may have given her a hint. To the left of the counter, on a shelf created by the stair going down, are open boxes of Marimekko shirts in glorious colors.

“You were going to call me when the new shirts came in,” I said.

“They just arrived, less than an hour ago!” she said, gleefully.

“Well, then, this is my lucky day.”


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