The Furminator

furminator.JPGCarol gave me this dog comb thing for Christmas. She said it was supposed to massage my dog, and pamper him while I freed my home of wandering dog hair. It seems to work! Thank you Carol. love Corky


2 thoughts on “The Furminator

  1. Ohmygod! Where can I get a cute little Swedish furhound like yours?!?

    Our Tifton furhound has been getting rave reviews ever since we put her on the Purina food that they sell here (at $30/bag, which is about half the price of the “expensive” stuff!). The other day I was walking her at the local park when a young boy said to his father “look at that dog, dad, the one with the shiny fur!” Sadie heard this and strutted past regally.


  2. Really glad it works for you & Corky. I wanted him to have a good time & massage when you groomed him. He’s a handsome fella. I think about him when I go past the Foggy Doggy Grooming Salon on my way to and fro…there is a salon and/or pet botique on almost every block in SF. But I have never seen a Furminator in any I’ve explored. Maybe Sadie would like one…B ask her! It comes highly recomended by family.


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