SFiFF iv: All About Love


Hong Kong 96 minutes
Directed by Daniel Yu, Written by Daniel Yu, Lee Hong Loh
Genre: Drama /Romance

Andy Lau …. Ko/Derek
Charlie Yeung …. Tse Yuen Sam
Charlene Choi …. Zi Qing

This was the North American Premier of All About Love. The Director, Daniel Yu and star, Andy Lau did a Q&A after.
All About Love.jpg
Handsome EMT Doctor Ko is married to the adorable Zi Qing. He feels guilty because he’s away so much at his job.
Zi Qing, with a brand new driver’s license, is broadsided and killed on her way to pick him up after work.
Months later, Dr. Ko comes to the aid of Sam, a beautiful woman who runs head on into a traffic sign. Though she is not seriously injured, he straps her to a stretcher and when their eyes meet there is an immediate recognition and connection. When he asks Sam if she has any allergies, she says she is a heart transplant.

Sam is happily (?) married to Derek, a handsome, big time, pop fashion photographer, but she is longing for a man she doesn”t know. Guess what, she has Zi Qing’s heart.

Both male heartthrobs are played by Andy Lau, a Hong Kong pop singer and male ingénue heartthrob in real life.
The moderator introduced the film as melodramatic, not a strong enough word, I”d call it over-the-top sappy. But the production was first rate and deliciously decadent.

The best part of the evening: The director, Daniel Yu and star, Andy Lau were there for the North American Premier. The Q&A after was a hoot! When Andy Lau came out, scores of young Asian women rushed the stage, their digital cameras flashing. They shouted questions and proposals in Chinese and Andy Lau was playful and heartthroblike.
mrating Movie ***~ Q&A *****

The San Francisco International Film Festival is running now through May 4. I”m volunteering at the festival and plan to attend as many of the films as I can work in to my schedule. Bear in mind that, for the most part, these are independent films and many have not been picked up for distribution, so they may not be playing at a “theater near you” anytime soon. On the other hand, some of the foreign films may have already been released in Europe.

As a public service, I will post brief reviews. My ratings are based on
5 stars ***** with a tilde ~ being half-a-star.

Happy viewing, or in any case, keep your eyes on rectorsite.com.


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