Big Food Wins?

Two For The RoadIf there’s one thing I remember fondly about Tifton, it was the gut-busting preponderance of good BBQ. Like to about killed me (as they say down south).

One can certainly eat well here in France but it’s a different kind of eating down there. I guess here they emphasize really fresh, simply prepared vegetables and then do really creative things with meat. There they give you a pure, simple, huge piece of meat and cook the vegetables to death. Either way, there are some places that make you glad that you have to eat three times a day (or 12 like the subjects of this NYTimes article…).


3 thoughts on “Big Food Wins?

  1. I agree — a big plate O’ ribs or brisket is a thing of beauty, perhaps with no equivalent in France? Or at least in classic French cuisine (although would Steak Frites get close?). The article you link to refers to a profile of Jane and Michael Stern in advance of the publication of their new book, “Two For The Road” — click the image of their book cover at the top of this post to link to more book info. Also, NPR had a great audio profile of the Stern’s visiting DC “gut-busting” landmark Ben’s Chili Bowl last Sunday for a couple half-smokes and many different pies.


  2. What I remember about Tifton is that BBQ place about 20 miles away, where the folks coming in to eat were uniformly as big as the animals cooked.


  3. Bubba’s Bar-B-Q on I 45, South from Dallas on the way to Houston in Ennis (no, it doesnt rhyme with…). Awesome. None of you will probably ever get there, but nonetheless…

    On Memorial Day SUNDAY (does that make sense?) Kelly’s bro Brad (the restaurant guy) cooked two 25# piglets in a pit in his back yard for 7 1/2 hours. Then he made Carolina vinegar based BBQ sauce and served with a keg O Stella Artois. Shoulda been there, Bri.


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