Let’s Rock

Hard RockThis morning, the Morning Show on KFOG interviewed a woman who runs a women’s band camp (unlike the band camp featured in American Pie), catering to women of all ages and backgrounds that want to start a rock band.

The question of band names came up, something unusual, catchy and band-like.

“Here’s one way; pick up any book at hand, go to page 62, third paragraph, third line, first two or three words, you”ve got your name.”

The book I”m reading just now is My Life in France by Julia Child. The name of the band:


Let’s hear your names.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Rock

  1. from Biljne Vasi (Homoptera: Aphididae) Srbije by Olivera Petrovic-Obradovic (a gift from the author’s own hands): “Zapadni Palearktik”


  2. From Dr. Nestle’s FOOD POLITICS: Choose Lean Meat”
    From Oganics, Inc: “Probable Carcinogen”
    …and the best, from Purple Cow by Seth Goodin “Latino Groceries”.

    Cool! I will have to remember that the next time I have to name my band(?)


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