Cookin’ in California

Chocolate_chef.jpgChocolate Chef

Our week entertaining niece Masha was chugging along even with the worst heat wave in recent memory hugging the Bay Area. Monday was Chinatown day with all the usual shops and of course, dim sum.

Tuesday we had invited friends for dinner. Marc made the menu and then as usual said “dessert is your part”. After some thought, I decided to do fruit and chocolate,have it done ahead and something fairly simple. Masha has always loved to make strawberries dipped in chocolate so why not branch out. We rolled bananas in dark chocolate & nuts then froze them; dipped Turkish apricots in the same chocolate; then made Masha made white chocolate patties with dried apricots, cranberries and toasted almonds.

Yummy_product.jpgYummy Product

Glad to report that dessert was a success and some were left for snacking on the next day.

Thursday the heat wave is gone and we are back to normal cool, breezy and foggy weather. Our SF comfort zone. Marc went to his new intern job at the SFFilm Society in the Presido so he was busy from 9:30-5:30. Masha and I did dinner. She wanted to learn to make California rolls and I”ve got all the ingredients so we”re good to go. We had just finished them as Marc got home and we ate some as our appetizers. We had plenty for Friday lunch and for Masha’s snack on her flight to Atlanta.

Doin_sushi.jpgDoin’ Sushi
Green_rules.jpgGreen Rules
California_roll.jpgCalifornia Roll

Good Eats! All week.


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