Dinner with P&J

Paula and John Bungen visited Windswept Farm last weekend for a dinner and a walk-around on their way back to Boston and then on to San Francisco. We gave them a tour of the garden (peas are done; onions leeks and shallots coming along; edamame; limas; busting out in haricort vert; beets and chard; rutabagas; celery, parsley, and ancho peppers planted together; brussels sprouts and red cabbage; cucumbers; tomatoes on tee-pees; and potatoes all across the top) while we picked a few things for dinner. They enjoyed a drink on our screened-in porch while I rolled out pasta using the ancient recipe of “one etto flour, one good egg” illuminated by Bill Buford in his new book, “Heat” and further explored by Marc on Eats.

Dinner was hand-rolled and hand-cut tagliatelle with a zucchini sauce; homemade Italian sausage simmered with swiss chard; steamed button carrots with Portuguese olive oil; and green beans. The food matched well with a Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Reisling.


3 thoughts on “Dinner with P&J

  1. 1. You’re such a show-off with your plentiful garden vegetables. Looks Great.
    2. I love Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Reisling. They have a new Sauvignon Blanc, its called monster or godzilla or something. Carol, what’s it called? (I’m in Cincinnati at the moment, as you will see.) Anyway, I think it will be on their website. I don’t know if they’re distributing it yet, but its worth a special order at your local wine store. $15, $12 for Doonheads.


  2. The Hell with Marcus…show off all you want! Looks and sounds terrific! I will have to get the cookbook you (and Marc) mentioned. Your garden sounds wonderful. Ours is Whole Foods. City folk.


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