Musings about Medinah

Tiger-Woods-sm.jpg  Its 2:31pm EDT and I am sitting at my business partner’s desk using his twin-screen computer.   One of the 24″ widescreen LCD’s shows my desktop; the other is connected to where TNT has a LIVE FEED of the PGA Championship from Medinah Country Club near Chicago.   Even with a 24″, the little window with the “high-def” feed is not the preferred way to watch golf.   However, at the office while doing some menial work-related tasks, it’s really cool.   Life is pretty good today.

I had the opportunity (twice!) to play Medinah back in the early 80’s with my boss’s boss, Joe (something).   They required caddies at that time (and perhaps still do).  

These were not the usual “Caddy Shack” teenagers, but mature professional caddies.   Although it was 24 years ago (1982) I can still remember Whitey, my caddie.   He was firm with his criticism of my form, but gentle in his suggestions and tips.   Intimidating at first, he genuinely improved my play during for that round.   Unfortunately, not much of it stuck. As I remember, I shot a 107.  

But I digress.   The “Glamour Group” as TNT describes them, just finished their round.   They began on the 10th hole  this morning, so they finished on the 9th, all with birdies and three-under 69’s.   But wait,Tiger, Phil, and Oglivy are NOT in the lead at this point.   Lucas Gover (who?) currently leads in the clubhouse at minus-six, with Andrade in at minus-five.   Allenby and Cink are at minus-four.     I have Tiger, Luke Donald, DiMarco, Allenby, Ames, Kelly, Ben Crane, and Steve Sticker in the pool.     I predict the final winner will finish between 25 and 30 under par.   It should be an interesting weekend.  


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