The doorbell rang about 9:30. It was the UPS guy with three packages; Carol’s mop from QVC, some mail order thing from Carol’s parents, and a box wrapped in brown paper with a KFOG mailing label and a handwritten address to me.

What the hell is that?


I sliced off the brown paper to find a Bose Sound Dock box with a Bose Sound Dock inside! I already have a SoundDock. Maybe Brian ordered it from somebody and had it sent here for me to mail to him (he does that from time to time). Before emailing Brian, I decided to check the box more carefully.

Taped to the bottom (actually top) of the box I found a KFOG envelope with a letter inside. Here it is.

In case you can”t read that, it says:

“Dear Foghead,Congratulations! You were a weekly winner of KFOG’s Foghead Football Pool! Many Fogheads vied for the weekly crown, but your exemplary gridiron knowledge prevailed.
As a reward for your football prowess, you”ve won a Bose SoundDock! Your prize is enclosed.

Enjoy the playoffs, and thanks for listening to World Class Rock on 104.5 San Francisco, 97.7 San Jose—the Bay Area’s KFOG!

KFOG Promotions

How great is that?!


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