Tourney Time

bball_david_spin.jpgIt’s impossible to resist filling out a bracket for the Enceedubelay Mensmarchmadness event, and the big web sites have caught on and are offering their own ways to do it on-line. (I also couldn’t resist using the kih-kass graphic I put together last year at this time…)

It would be nice if all the Rectors who were similarly inclined would use the same tool so we can easily compare and contrast. I look at the NYTimes every day, so I’d prefer to use theirs — the NYTimes site always seems to load very quickly on my cussed dial-up line, while the SI, ESPN and CBS sports sites take FOREVER to load, probably because of the million little ads they sprinkle around. I have gone ahead and picked my bracket on the NYT site, and also created a “group” called HilltopGang (see below for group code) if you should decide to join me there. (Their bracket page is actually VERY cool because you just click and drag your picks, and you don’t have to wait for the page to update each time because they’re using Shockwave in a very clever way…sorry, but this geek is impressed.)

NYT Bracket Group Code: 99369b0cecCJtW9063K1BdQ2FcdeAJnUoQ51

The Duke men, alas, will probably not go far this year (they look pretty slow, though the ladies are going to be #1 seed on their bracket), but there are seven ACC entries, and I’m going to root for them all, except for UNC.

Meanwhile, the Buckeye mens BeeBall team better play as a better favorite than their EffBall brethren, and the only way they can exact some revenge on the Gator team would be in the final game. I know that Celtic fans will be watching young (but elder-looking!) Mr. Oden while he’s still in the mix.

Good luck gentlemen — may the upsets be “obvious” and your biases not blind you.


One thought on “Tourney Time

  1. Love it!!! When the brackets appear in the newspaper, you can’t just throw them out without filling in a line or two.
    This NYT thing is WAY COOL. So easy to use, and then there is the contest among sons and sibs to keep the games and results interesting.
    I’m in another bracket pool (for $$$) which takes place on CBS Sports. NYT graphics are better… must be the Shockwave!
    As of the Final Four, I have two FF teams and am leading in both the Rector brackets and the SFFS brackets (as I said, for $$$). My perfect scenerio: Buckeyes win, UCLA wins, Buckeyes win.
    That’s why they play the games, son.


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