Brackets Schmackets

The following is a commentary by Sean Uyehara on the progress of our Film Society bracket game. Sean is Programming (creative) Associate. Noel is CFO, the others, it doesn”t matter. This is NOT a group of rabid sports fans.


Posted by s uyehara, to Everyone
Mar 29, 07:01 pm ET
Off the Wire:

San Francisco Bureau — SF, CA

With just a few games left, venerable sage Marcus Rector clings to a lead in the hotly contested SFFS Festival Gambling Fix college basketball brackets. Says Rector, “With a little luck, with a little patience, with a little rah rah siss boom bah, my team will prevail.”

When told of his remarks, a confused Ben Friedland responded, “Look. I have been around and I have heard some quotes, but this has to be one of the most incomprehensible.” Friedland, whose powers of prognostication are currently being trailed only by an empty bracket, added with agitation, “Who cares about basketball anyway… unless Georgetown wins?”

Noel Natividad added, “I wish he were a permanent employee, so I could fire him.”

Jeanne Sweet and Melissa DeMicco simply looked at each other askance on Rector’s bold prediction. They then ducked questions regarding whether they have paid to play in this year’s tourney by answering phones that did not appear to be ringing.

“All in all, this has been a good tourney,” averred Joseph Flores. “Sure, I have no idea who Lela Thompkins is. But, does it really matter?”

Throwdown in Rectorville
Posted by s uyehara, to Everyone
Apr 02, 02:55 pm ET
There has always been something dangerous about a rookie. They are unpredictable, erratic untested, explosive, mercurial — whatever. But, when you add into the mix that said rookie comes in tipping the scales of age and wisdom in his favor, you might as well forget it.

It’s difficult to call Marcus Rector an upstart. He was recently overheard saying near the water cooler, “These pansy ass kids thought they found easy money in me. They have no idea that I have been playing these brackets since the tournament was formed.”

On the flipside, Jeremy “Silent but Deadly” Stevermer has simply been biding his time. Waiting in the wings as it were, quietly trailing in second place for the entire tourney. When asked for a quote he said, “….” His approach, closed-mouthed, but effective. In essence, if Florida manages a win tonight, Stevermer will take the yellow jersey from Rector in a masterfully paced sprint to the finish.

Is this a replay of the tortoise and the hare? Does it matter? Who cares?

“I told Uyehara that I expect full payment on Tuesday morning if not sooner,” revealed a steely-eyed Rector. “My motto: ‘Thumbreakers at the ready.'” And, to that end, Uyehara frantically put out a bulletin to Melissa DeMicco, Jeanne Sweet and Ben Friedland. “Give me $5, lest I feel pain.”

stop the presses
Posted by s uyehara, to Everyone
Apr 03, 03:48 pm ET
marcus rector stepped out to an early lead and was never caught.

all hail the the prognosticator of publicity.

final standings:
rector #1: $41.25
stevermer #2: $8.75
flores #3: $5.00

do we really need to go over the rest?
thanks for playing everybody.

woo woo.


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