Free time and Fay Grim

Monday is a day of free time for me, and I used it primarily for catching up with my writing. Ah, but in the evening it’s showtime: Carol and Sarah to Broken English starring Parker Posey, and I followed to Fay Grim, starring the same.

Fay Grim, USA/Germany 2006
Directed by Hal Hartley
Distributed by Magnolia Pictures

[best if read aloud in a monotone, to capture the spirit of the film]

Fay Grim

Deadpan humor

Dry wit

Intrigue in Foreign lands

The lovely Parker Posey

In introducing the film, the director said, “It’s a sequel to Henry Fool, but it’s not necessary to have seen Henry Fool. You”ll be confused in any case. That’s about it.”

He was right.


I rode home on Pacific Avenue at nearly midnight. The street was deserted. I was able to leisurely coast from Octavia all the way to Polk, catching green lights at Gough, Franklin and Van Ness. I”ve always wanted to do that.




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