dog.jpg“TOP SEVENTEEN Song Dedications to Michael Vick for 2007”

  1. Puppy Love
  2. Too Many Puppies (Primus)
  3. Hang Dem Doggies High!
  4. Gonna Fry Me Up Some Puppy
  5. B-I-N-G-O
  6. Stop Kicking My Dog Around
  7. O Where, O Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
  8. How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
  9. I’m looking over My Dead Dog Rover
  10. My Dog’s Bigger Than Your Dog
  11. Every Time I Come To Town the Boys keep kicking My Dog Around
  12. Who let the dogs out?
  13. My Dog’s Bigger Than Your Dog
  14. How Much Is That Hound Dog In The Window
  15. Dead Dog Scrumpy
  16. The Dog In The Closet
  17. Little Brown Dog

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