Let’s All Go To The Lobby…

lobby.jpgI think those of you who are true film buffs probably already get the IndieWire film feed, but if not, here is a link to their latest blogger’s Top 10 lists: http://www.indiewire.com/movies/2007/12/indiewires_top_3.html

These particular lists are a bit out of the mainstream (at least some of them), yet I have (for once) seen nearly ALL of the films outlined on most of the lists (the exceptions being the Sundance offerings that have yet to be released).

trans.jpg This prompts me to generate my OWN list of picks for the year:
1. “No Country for Old Men, directed by the Coen Bros

2. “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” directed by Julian Schnabel

3. “Into the Wild,” directed by Sean Penn

4. “Eastern Promises

5. “Lust, Caution,” directed by Ang Lee

6. “The Lives of Others,” directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

7. “La Vie en Rose

8. “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

9. “The Savages

10. “The Darjeeling Limited” directed by Wes Anderson

Honorable mention:

Gone Baby Gone

2 Days in Paris


No End in Sight

Special mention: The best damn time I’ve had at the movies this year: “The Borne Ultimatum” “Deathproof”

Two of the funniest and rudest contemporary films this year:

SuperBad” & “Juno” juno.jpg


And to the most hyped film lately that I haven”t seen (and most likely well deserved if you are to believe the critics): Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood

Finally, some movies I haven”t seen yet even though I have had at least one opportunity, (but still plan to): “Sicko” “I’m Not There” “Atonement



2 thoughts on “Let’s All Go To The Lobby…

  1. I saw 43 films this year, many at San Francisco Film Society screenings or at the 50th International Film Festival. But some, I actually paid for! Of those, I considered 19 top ten candidates… and of those, I picked my top nine plus a 7 way tie for tenth.

    Given all that, there were a hell of a lot of well publicized or acclaimed films that I didn’t see in ought seven… some by choice, others because I didn’t get around to it (that’s a choice, too). You can see all the lists that Tom put out there for those I missed.

    1 The Lives of Others — Well publicized and still playing
    2 No Country for Old Men — Well publicized and still playing
    3 Paranoid Park — Gus Van Sant was there for Q&A — see 3 Films 5 Days
    4 3:10 to Yuma — Well publicized
    5 I’m Not There — Well publicized and still playing
    6 The Boss of it All — Lars von Trier, see SFIFF50 Day 11
    7 Paris je T’aime — 20 short films of Paris, one set in each arrondissement, each by a different director.
    8 Forever — French documentary wherein Heddy Honigmann interviews visitors to Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
    9 La vie en Rose – A portrait of Edith Piaf — see SFIFF50, Day 15
    10 The Lookout — A crime thriller written and directed by Scott Frank. “Whoever has the money has the power.”
    10 Golden Door — see My Film Festival
    10 Last Days of Yassar Arafat — see SFIFF50 Day 11
    10 Death at a Funeral — A British farce directed by Frank Oz.
    10 You Kill Me — “A killer comedy” by Jon Dahl starring Ben Kingsley and Tia Leoni. Jon Dahl and Tia Leoni attended. Tia Leoni is HOT, and very nice to talk with.
    10 Ratatouille — Well publicized and still playing
    10 Persepolis — see 3 Films 5 Days
    — Marc


  2. I have no idea how many films I saw this year. I keep the stubs (99% of which have the name of the fim and the date…a scrap book some day) but dont keep a log. Probably should, eh? Some on your list were just OK in my eyes (You Kill Me, Lookout, Death at a Funeral) but we are in agreement on most. (BTW, I totally agree that Tia is HOT…I have loved her since she was in a short lived TV comedy years ago…now married to David Duchovny.) Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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