Liz ‘n’ Bus

Liz and Bus

Last week Carol’s parents, Liz and Bus Hale, renewed their vows after their 70th wedding anniversary to MUCH fanfare in their little retirement community and making headlines in the local newspaper. According to the article, Mayor Dave Smith officiated the ceremony. According to Liz, Mayor Smith used to live next door to the Hales in Lancaster and had a big crush on Carol when he was three years old…


2 thoughts on “Liz ‘n’ Bus

  1. Am I missing something here or isn’t their anniversary on Dec. 15th. Hell, I’m wearing my 20-year-old, baby blue, Hale’s Half Century sweatshirt as I type this!


  2. Apparently there was a little celebration (but less press) in December, but (as the article points out) they put this together with another couple’s 70th mark in January and got the mayor involved. I think that the company that runs the place is interested in as much publicity as they can get since it has just opened. I spoke to G’ma just before the “renewal” and she made it clear that she had not requested the ceremony (and it probably meant that G’pa missed at least ONE broadcast of Wheel of Fortune to be there…!) but wasn’t going to stop it. She would have preferred to be playing Euchre.


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