Remembering Margie

Margie Hale


Wife of Carol’s brother Alan



Ohio Farm by Margie Hale


Marjorie Case Hale, 67, of Lancaster, Ohio passed away
Saturday, May 24, 2008, at her home, Hale Hollow.




3 thoughts on “Remembering Margie

  1. Nice touch, Marcus. Would I have met her at the Lancaster park picnic we did a coulpla years ago? Unless Alan wasn’t there, I suspect I did. Sorry I don’t specifically remember. Please pass along my condolences to Alan, Carol, and the Hale family. TR


  2. Sorry to hear of your loss. It has been years since we saw any of the Hale family, but our thoughts and prayers are with you, Carol, and your brother.



  3. From Jon E. Hale, Carol’s brother:
    A very nice memorial service was held for Margie at the First Presbyterian
    Church in Lancaster on Thursday, May 29. Margie grew up in the church and
    according to the pastor, sang in the choir through high school. While this
    newer pastor did not know Margie well, he did a nice job relating her
    artistic abilities, appreciation for nature and the inspiration she received
    from it for her artwork – particularly in the form of the flowers she so
    often grew and dried, then used in her arrangements. Many at the memorial
    service were friends of hers from the Fairfield Heritage Association, for
    whom Margie helped decorate their two local museums, The Georgian and
    Sherman House (she was actually in charge of decorating the entire Georgian
    at Christmastime for quite a few years). The organist played two hymns
    focusing on nature (“For The Beauty of the Earth” was one), and the memorial
    concluded. Alan and the family were all doing well for receiving lines
    before and after the service, and appreciated everyone’s presence and kind




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