Vancouver Objects

Vancouver wasn”t all about food. Other interesting things, unique to that city presented themselves.

A Cool Bicycle Rack in Victoria


A Tank and Cannon guard the Armory


Let the walkin” man walk.wm_02.jpg

The walking man is ubiquitous; we don”t even notice him. But in Vancouver, the walking man took new forms.


wm_64.jpg wm_92.jpg


STOP! walkin’ man


This dude is goin’ against the crowd.


And this chap has picked up a companion.


Though it didn”t rain while we were there, Vancouver gets lots of rain at other times. Most buildings, especially new buildings, have erected glass awnings, rather than the traditional canvas awnings, to allow precious light to penetrate to the street. I didn”t see any canvas awnings in Vancouver, while in Victoria those are the only kind I saw.


Victoria awnings

While in Vancouver…


rain_71.jpg rain_72.jpg


rain_54.jpg rain_55.jpg

And they go around the corner, as well…

rain_c_00.jpg rain_c_73.jpg

rain_c_84.jpg rain_c_86.jpg


and the entrance is not ignored

Finally, this sign was in our hotel elevator. Our hotel was populated mainly by tour groups of large Eastern Europeans


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