Merry Christmas from Eric

Christmas BaubleI know it’s a little early for holiday cheer, but I wanted the RectorSite faithful to know that I have just re-registered the domain for another three years. It seems that this experiment in family communication has proved successful in many ways, as it now encompasses over two hundred articles posted, as well as countless hundred images — many of which might have landed in your email box! Instead this web log (the phrase that spawned the word ‘blog’) of family stories serves as an archive of what might have been fleeting messages, as well as a way to collectively announce and discuss many topics of interest to our interesting extended family.

FYI: In case you’ve ever tried to “Google” a RectorSite article, you were probably frustrated because I have checked a setting in this WordPress software that discourages all search engines from indexing the contents. Likewise, you must be a registered and logged-in user to post a comment about an article, and new users must be “approved” by the administrator (me) after registering before they can post comments, or more importantly post articles. The intention is for this to remain “within the family” although I try to be as generous in defining “family” as I can, extending it to in-laws as well as some friends who share an interest in what we talk about.

It has been heartening to see how many of the family members have chosen to contribute articles over the last three years, although my dad Marc wins the Top Scribe award by a long shot. Still, we have excellent posts from our less frequent contributors, and I hope they are able to offer us a few more slices of their life in the future.

It’s also important — especially for those contributors — to note that I have upgraded the software that runs the site to it’s latest “bleeding edge” version, which has significant changes in its structure that will be notices as soon as you log in to the site. Never fear, take a deep breath, and take a little time to scan the new layout. All of the links you need are there, but they may be in a different spot. Please comment to this article with feedback on the new version.

Thanks again for participating in this effort, even if it has just been to read and enjoy.

Happy Holidays to all,



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Eric

  1. Thanks, Eric.
    If it now works like the new eats site, posters are in for a treat. There are lots of options for photos… experiment.


  2. Excellent! As you can tell, I like to blog occasionally on personal things of interest. Bookmarcus REALLY loves it (and we love his stuff, too!) Thanks.

    BTW, I have no problem if you want to open it up for searches. The more the merrier! Just dont let any creeps leave commentary…


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