The Christmas Tree

Another City Life Adventure

Our annual Christmas Tree cycle was interrupted this year.

Normally we buy the tree a couple weekends before Christmas – this year on the 13th, a beautiful Saturday – and take it down on New Years day, or a little after, put it on the street, naked, and the city comes around and puts it through a chipper (remember Fargo?).

Our trees have trended to the small variety since we got the bookshelves/credenza for the bay windows. Carol calls it a “Charlie Brown” tree. She likes to put it in the window for all the world to see.

Having enjoyed the tree for three weeks, we put it out on the street on New Year’s Day during the plethora of Bowl Games. It was kind of cute sitting in front of our house.

When I left early Saturday morning for the farmers market, look what I found!


I said “Hey Carol… look outside.”

“Oh my,” she said, “They’ve desecrated the little Charlie Brown tree!”

“I think it’s pretty funny,” I said. “I’ll bet they had fun… I would like to have been there.”

“That’s what the “bad boys” (like me and Toby and Tom?) would do,” she said.


One thought on “The Christmas Tree

  1. It wasn’t “Bad Boys” who done it — it’s obvious that one of the flocks of sheep or goats that roam SF wandered by and helped themselves to the green stuff. I’m sure they prefer that to the regular diet of old newspapers and Peets Coffee cups.


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