Some Rector History in Photos

Cousin Terril – Frank’s oldest – sent some scanned Rector history photos. Here they are, captioned as best I can, relative to me.

You can download the photos from this site.
If I’ve messed up any names, or if you can add details, let me know and I can make revisions. If you have pictures, send them to me and I’ll put ‘em up.


Grandma Libby and Grandpa Mark – Marcus Clay Rector, my namesake (along with my maternal grandfather John Levi Herron).


Grandma and Grandpa again


Libby looking happy


Grandma in full color


From Terril — The pic of Libby in the house, is where she lived shortly after Grampa Marcus died, and the little girl is me. I still remember the wall paper and the large picture she had of little Bob Roseberry, who died as a child. (That’s Aunt Wilda in the background/m)


Libby flies to Arizona


Uncle Alva Aunt Margie, Uncle Frank and Aunt Mildred


Uncle Bob Roseberry, mom, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Russ Taylor


sis Amy


Gary – before the hair went white, and Amy


Marc, Carol, Brian and Eric – Carol’s hair and Marc’s lack of facial hair say we’re in Roanoke. Brian looks about 2, so it’s 1968. We moved to Boston the next year.

Here are some links to other Rector family history stuff that has appeared on this website.


Pictures from the past – from Cinda

A Letter from Terril

Letters and Pix from Cinda

A Letter from Uncle Frank


One thought on “Some Rector History in Photos

  1. That is Aunt Margie with Uncle Alva Dad and Aunt Mildred! Did you know that Aunt Margie and Uncle Russell’s oldedt son Bob died two weeks ago. It is in the Madison Press


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