Monday Memories

Shanghai lane
Shanghai lane

It’s a rainy Monday in Shanghai. We were lucky to get invited on a special tour by our friend Patrick, a tour of historic Shanghai that Patrick built around the life story of Mrs. X, who is our fellow traveler for the day. She is an American citizen of Russian descent who was born in Shanghai in 1940. Patrick led us to the buildings where she lived as a child, the private french school she attended, and other important historic landmarks. It was a fascinating day, made vibrant by Patrick’s extensive knowledge of Shanghai history and Mrs. X herself telling us memories of her childhood.

So much of Shanghai has changed in the past 60 years; Mrs. X was a 10 year old girl when her family fled Shanghai in 1949.

Patrick and the Seven No's
Patrick and the Seven No’s

Eric and Eric and I ended the day with a delicious hot pot dinner at a neighborhood spot.

Hot Pot dinner,  Two Erics
Hot Pot dinner, Two Erics

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