Travelin’ Kids

In the same days that Eric and Alison are getting all the mention, traveling west by train across China, Brian and Sadie are driving west across another continent; North America.


Brian’s Camry sat, virtually idle in Montpellier, France for six years, just waiting for this occasion. They set out from Belfast, Maine on Monday and spent the first night in Pennsylvania. Tuesday, they visited the Hale homestead in Lancaster, Ohio. Wednesday took them to Albia, Iowa, just south of Des Moines. Thursday, they crossed Nebraska and ventured into Wyoming, spending the night in Laramie,  a town well known from cowboy movies. Today, they’re on the homestretch to Reno.


Who knew these guys, in a late September week of 2009 would be spanning two continents on opposite sides of the world?

Meanwhile, I have another three-part text message from China to share.

Fri Sep 25 8:02am
Almost 7am and still a ways 2 go in Gansu province (!) just past Jiayuguan. Due in Turpan around 2pm, but train was rnng an hour late ystdy so …
Al here. Train is fun. Scenery is spectacular. Sunrise in desert, now. Our roommate 56 yr o male teacher lives Shanghai, very nice. His colleagues uighur, like 2 sing.
Adventure!. Shaanxi gansu border amazingly beautiful, rivers – mts @ sunset.


One thought on “Travelin’ Kids

  1. Carol, I’ll bet you cut the “boys” hair! They look very cute. Who wooda thought they would be traveling around the world now. Paula B.


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