Dinner Club SF

Eric and Alison aren’t the only ones having fun. We just have ours closer to home.

Last week, we celebrated Dinner Club, a sometime get together at a local restaurant — or home — to have a nice meal and good fellowship. Marc and Carol and Paula and John and Carol’s colleague, Sarah gathered at Heaven’s Dog, the latest of the Charles Phan restaurants in San Francisco. Leslie usually attends, sometimes with Tate and sometimes with Rick and sometimes with both, but she was not available on this evening.


The light on Market Street was amazing as we turned south to get to Mission Street.


John knew I was about to take this picture… Paula just realized it.


The food is Vietnamese fusion and comes out at various times. On my plate at this moment: organic spicy green beans, szechuan pickles, red chilies; flank steak, asparagus, baby shiitake mushrooms (niman ranch); Chinese broccoli; roasted Brussels sprouts and rice. Already consumed, salt & pepper local squid, ginger, red peppers; pot stickers, pork, greens;  and scallion pancakes with pangasinan sea salt. Yum.


Only three desserts were on the menu, so we ordered ’em all. I don’t remember their names, but on the left is a flourless chocolate cake thing, in the middle a cheesecakey thing and lastly, sorbet with a berry sauce.


When we were at the bar before dinner, I noticed they had nice large ice cubes, about one inch cubes… real cubes, hand hewn from a slab of ice. After dinner, I ordered one of their handcrafted bourbons with “one ice cube.” Whoa… that’s the mother of all ice cubes. I liked it so much, I took its picture again…


I guess Paula is ready to go after a delicious evening.


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