Summer Hours

lheure_deteThis morning I downloaded a list of critically acclaimed films from 2009.  First on the list was Summer Hours. HUH? I looked it up and found it was released in France in late 2008, and in America this past year. I don’t recall it ever playing in ATL, so I went to Netflix to see if they had it. But of course! Not only that, but it was available as a streaming INSTANT selection. So I watched it this afternoon…

What a simply charming and mesmerizing film! Oh the country estates! The wine! The smoking! The art! The great old Paris buildings! A film about families and life — so typically French — where you are immersed into the pure art of the film, never certain where it’s going, and often unsure even after it’s over. It’s a film where you can easily imagine yourself as one of the characters, enjoying life and family as we often never do in the same way in the US.

I can’t say I would place it as FIRST in a list of the best films of this year, but it would certainly be in my top 10. I suspect most (or all) of you have Netflix so I highly recommend you watch it. Or put it in your queue for the DVD when it is released this year. I am confident you will enjoy it.


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