Markie’s new drivers license

Weirdness prevails…


You must think I haven’t changed clothes in five years. I did think about what to wear for my picture, but didn’t consult the 2005 license. Well, the 49ers tee shirt is the same. The blue shirt is a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt I bought last year.

I think the 2005 shirt is the shirt that Tom gave me. I pitched it about a month ago.

The DMV experience is a whole ‘nother story.

I had the car on Thursday to take the former kitchen and bedroom TVs to recycle. After dropping those off, I went to the DMV to renew my driver’s license. When folks reach a certain age, folks have to take the written exam again. I have reached such an age. I’ve been reading the DMV Manual that I got on line as a PDF; been a while since I took the test and it would be embarrassing to flunk, not to mention a waste of time.

It was pouring rain as I drove around the DMV parking lot for 15 minutes looking for a space. When I was able to park and go inside, I saw wall-to-wall people… I could barely get in the door. I heard the words, “Systems are down.” Screw that, I went home. Wait for a nice day, scooter to the DMV and take the test. (Turns out the systems were down statewide.)

The next Wednesday was sunny and nice cool, so I scootered to DMV… 2pm, wait for my number to be called… eye test – guy says my eyes are good!… picture… 3pm, in line for written test… oops, I have to take the motorcycle test as well… didn’t study for that. Passed the auto test with flying colors… the motorcycle test, flunked. Y’know they ask like what you do when you swerve. Well shit, you just swerve, it’s intuitive and only takes a second or less. Swerve right: press down on right grip, keep body straight, don’t lean, brake before or after the swerve, not during. Jeez!

Anyway, I downloaded the DMV Motorcycle Manual, read it and took the test again on Thursday. Aced it.


2 thoughts on “Markie’s new drivers license

  1. Believe it or not, wehn renewing your licence here, they do not require a test, and use the SAME photo (unless you go down to DMV and wait in line to have another taken). My licence is now good thru 2016, and has the same photo they took when i first got my licence in 2001. Interesting…


  2. When we came to South Carolina there was no test, but documents were needed out the wazoo! Old license (from CT – it had cost $84 for three years), social security card and one additional picture ID. Luckily I had my passport handy. The good news was that it cost $25 – for 10 years! By my math, that is $2.50 a year. Not bad.


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