Autumnal Image


Alas, we did not grow this pumpkin,  but it still looks pretty cool, huh?

This is my first try to post from my Droid; I’ll be interested to see how it works.


3 thoughts on “Autumnal Image

  1. This Droid App for WordPress is VERY cool and very easy to use. It even rescales my pictures from 1+ Meg down to the reasonable size of about 50Kb each! I will be careful, moving forward, not to over-do my posts to RectorSite in the future.

    Dr. Bro: can you get a WordPress app from Apple for your iFone?


  2. That interweb dude is pretty busy, but yeah, that’s how it works. My NYC blog posts are all done just with the Droid, sometimes while I’m walking down the street. Yeah…I’m now that guy.


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