Giants 2010

OK, it’s December, but it’s still 2010, still time to chronicle my Giants year. So here are some games and events I attended in person, and one I didn’t… you can probably guess which that is. Other miscellaneous factoids and ephemera are thrown in for good measure starting with the April line-up compared with that of the final game of the World Series.

Braves at Giants, April 11
First Sunday Home game

Aaron Rowand CF
Eugenio Velez 2B
Pablo Sandoval 3B
Aubry Huff 1B
Mark DeRosa LF
Benji Molina C
John Bowker RF
Juan Uribe SS
Tim Lincecum P

Giants at Rangers, World Series game 5, November 1

Andres Torres RF
Freddie Sanchez 2B
Buster Posey C
Cody Ross LF
Juan Uribe 3B
Aubry Huff 1B
Pat Burrell DH
Edgar Renteria SS
Aaron Rowand CF
Tim Lincecum P

Giants Manager Bruce Bochy didn’t have the luxury to trot out the same 8 guys every day like the Phillies, Yankees and others. The Giants had no superstars except for the pitchers. I think he used over 130 different batting orders over the course of the year.

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Our first game of the year, excitement reigned.

We left Russian Hill at 11am in a light rain, but no wind. We wanted to get there early for the ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary of Pac Bell Park opening. Kurt “Woody” Reuter will throw out the first pitch. Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent, J.T. Snow and other members of that opening day team will be there. When we got off the 45 bus, it was very windy and the rain was getting serious. Well, we met Sarah in the dugout store and got our Tim Lincecum wigs for our Alison Happy Birthday picture.

play ball mates

Paula and John got tickets to this game, but we figured they wouldn’t show (they didn’t). So… into the park… take our pictures… get a hot dog and beer… it’s raining harder and harder… radio says they’re hoping to start the game by four o’clock. It’s 12:15 and we’re very uncomfortable. The only place under cover is the concourse, and there is no place to sit.

We took a vote: We’re outta here! I had taped the Masters, so we went home and watched that.

After the Masters, we turned over to the Giants station… the game was going on… started at 5:15. Giants trailed zip-two into the fourth, then 1-2, 3-2. Lincecum retired after the 7th with 10 K’s… Panda smacked a 2-run homer into the arcade.

the day's scorecard

The Braves turned into bumblewskis and Giants won 6-3. With the final out, it started pouring rain. Warm and dry at home, I had a glass of Scotch.

Quotable on this day:
“The money lies with the RBIs.” Jeff Kent

“In all the years we’ve been doing this, this is one of the angriest bays we’ve seen.” Giants broadcaster Mike Kruko.

Sunday April 25
Cardinals 2 runs 9 hits 0 errors 9 left on base
Giants 0 9 1 7
Brad Penny vs. Matt Cain

little guys meet up with big guys

At the start of many Sunday games, a little league team takes the field, then the Giants players join them at their position and autograph a ball. Pretty cool.

Pujols homered in 1st inning. That was that, so we sat back and enjoyed the beautiful Sunday.

Giants hang at the rail.

Saturday May 15
Astros 1 5 0 10
Giants 2 7 0 5
Roy Oswalt vs Tim Lincecum

Attendance 40,060

colorful sails and a junk

The ball isn’t the only reason to show up at this ballpark.
In the very first inning, Bourn, leading off for the Astros walks, steals second, goes to third on a grounder to first and scores on a wild pitch. That’s all folks. Lincecum and Brian Wilson shut their butts down, although it takes Wilson 39 pitches to get through the 9th.

Astros line up to watch Timmy pitch.
Giants line up to celebrate the victory.
the public house celebrated its opening on this day as well

Yet another reason to come to the ballpark.

Monday May 31, Memorial Day
Rockies 4 6 2 8
Giants 0 3 1 5
Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Tim Lincecum

attendance 42,465

Carol and Brian wait for "the 45"
a fireboat goes off in the bay for Memorial Day
Memorial Day ceremony before the game.

Both teams sport white caps for Memorial Day. The ceremonies and such were memorable, the game, alas, was not.

Sunday June 13
A’s 2 10 2 10
Giants 6 8 1 4
Vin Mazzaro vs. Matt Cain

attendance 39,187
Giants sweep A’s

nothin' like a bud light to cool a body off

Ah, summer.

Thursday July 29
Marlins 5 8 1 7
Giants 0 1 1 2
Aribal Sanchez 7-6 vs. Madison Bumgarner 4-2

attendance 41,152

Sanchez twirls a one-hitter at the Giants

Cold on Union Street, sunny and nice at the ballpark.

Distressed outfield grass due to Paul McCartney concert while Giants were on the road.

Wednesday August 25
Reds 12 16 1 10
Giants 11 19 5 8
attendance 36,310
12 innings
Joey Votto, batting third, homered in first and fourth innings. Jon Miller on the radio: “Joey Votto, an emerging star in Major League Baseball.”
Giants scored 6 runs in the 8th to tie the game and force extra innings.

Tuesday October 19

I took my morning walk at ATT Park to scope out the preparations for the Giants at home for Game 3 vs. Philadelphia in the League Championship Series. (We were in Kyiv for the Division Series against Atlanta.) Sure enough, bunting was hung. But I was surprised to see all the TV trucks on the plaza. Maybe they’re here for equipment checks or background file shots.

Monday November 1 at Arlington, Texas

Giants 3 7 0 4

Rangers 1 3 1 4

Giants win World Series

Edgar Renteria 3-run jack in the 7th

Tim Lincecum over the heralded Cliff Lee

So the town is flyin’ high for a parade on Wednesday and I just happen to have the day off.

After the game, Sarah and I went out to Polk Street. Turns out a lot of folks had the same idea. The block between Vallejo and Broadway was totally full of people, milling around and high-fiveing one another. It was great to be in this city with these people on such a night.

“San Francisco just never disappoints.”

Duane Kuiper, Giants broadcaster.

Wednesday November 3 parade

11:00am start at Washington and Montgomery, proceed south on Montgomery to Market, southwest on Market to McAllister and west on McAllister to City Hall for the ceremonies.

Wednesday, I needed to scope out the scene. I went to City Hall for my morning walk between 7 and 8am. Some hardy folks were already there.

City Hall lighted up orange for the occasion

I figured I’d come back around ten and find a spot on McAllister near the end of the parade route. That I did.

McAllister Street looking west
my spot on the parade route
looking east from my spot toward Market Street

The sidewalk on McAllister near Hyde is not very wide, so I got a nice spot with only two people in front of me. As a bonus, I had a parking meter to lean against. I took my transistor radio so I could know when the parade was coming. At one point I said to the man and woman in front of me, “The head of the parade is at 4th Street.” The man said, “We have no idea where that is… we’re not from around here.”

Mayor Gavin Newsom
The Cal Band

I took a bunch of pictures, but just as Bruce Bochy came by, holding the World Series Trophy in “The Graduate” model Alpha Romeo, I got the dreaded “camera card is full” message. No matter. It was a great day and the weather was perfect.

After the last float passed, carrying Tim Lincecum and Edgar Renteria, I went home to watch the ceremonies, speeches and such on TV.


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