BCS Championship Game night in Maine: Rollies Bars and Grill, Belfast. And the wings are actually pretty good!


4 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. TomTom–

    In my line you have to be agnostic. You don’t have to *like* everything with work with, but you generally need to work with everything. And realistically, every platform does at least a few things well… What you don’t see is that my WinXP laptop is running CentOS Linux in a VMWare virtual machine as I take advantage of the free WiFi at the bar to spend my game time running setup, configuration, and updates. With virtual machines, these days, it doesn’t really matter what your machine boots into; you can then boot into any other environment you need/prefer. My MacBook runs WinXP in a VM smoother than on my Dell.


  2. Glad you liked the wings. Natasza and I weren’t very impressed when we ate there. We shoulda ordered the wings (which happen to be one of her favorite American discoveries).


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