How much for dat?

So…I stopped into my liquor store to lay in a few supplies for a party we are attending tonight.

On checkout, I noticed a bottle of 25 year-old Macallan scotch on the shelf over his shoulder.

I commented that the mere sight of it made my mouth water, and that $149.00 seemed a very good price.

“Ha!” He exclaimed. “That’s for the 18”

He flipped the tag over on the neck: “The 25 is $599.00!”



3 thoughts on “How much for dat?

  1. Tom, I bought Eric a bottle of 14 year old single malt Clynelish for his birthday. Highly recommended by the shop owner, $40. We’ll see how Eric likes the taste of it.


  2. When you compete with the 1% for fine goods like this, it’s hard to justify the expense…I try to stay ahead of the curve by discovering fine things that have not been pointed out to the investment banker dudes yet…


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