College Football, WooHoo

Stanford Cardinal v. Washington Huskies
October 22, 2011

Stanford Football is not your big-time SEC or BIG 10 affair, but damn, it’s fun.
I’ve managed to go to a Stanford football game each year for the last 3. Love it.

2009 versus Oregon with Sarah, a normal and sunny afternoon game. I got tickets from the Stanford website and knowing nothing about the stadium, settled for upper deck, Row XX, above the student section. I discovered that in this 50,000 seat, newly remodeled stadium, there are no bad seats. Stanford won in a wild game 51-42, but it was not without thrills, as the Ducks mounted a 21 point comeback in the 4th quarter and were driving as the clock expired.

the view from our high seats... note the sprinkles of yellow ducks in the far corner

2010 versus Wake Forest with Carol, Paul and Kathleen, an 8pm start on general admission tickets, upper deck end zone, procured by Kathleen, who works at Stanford. Stanford kilt Wake 64-24.

And this year, I got Stanford versus Washington which turned out to be Stanford’s homecoming game. Huskies tickets were pretty easy to get at a good price as they were not reputed to be a power in the Pac12. Ah yes, but they came in with a 5-1 record, losing only their opener to Nebraska. By gameday, it was a sell-out, 50,345.

Knowing the ropes a little bit, Carol, Sarah and I planned to get there early for our version of a tailgate. We’re not really tailgaters, having no portable grill, portable TV, camp chairs and what not, but Sarah made her famous “meat bombs” — French rolls, hollowed out, stuffed with a ground beef, gumbo mixture and baked in tightly wrapped aluminum foil packets. Turns out to be a perfect tailgate food. No muss, no fuss (‘cept for Sarah). Add a couple frosty cold Budweisers and call it a tailgate.

our idyllic tailgate venue, never mind that it's a stone's throw from El Camino Real
we ready to party hearty
here's our tailgate grub, described above, just sit on the bumper and chow down
Sarah is dwarfed by our neighboring jacked-up monster truck from Washington much so, she's just gotta sit in it... she had to get a boost up by the owner

time to get to the game... the Stanford Stadium peeks through the trees
Our seats are in Row T of the main bowl, perfecto
here's the Stanford Class of 1961 for their 50th reunion... curiously, I'm Ohio State Class of 1961
the Stanford squad pours onto the field... GAMETIME
Stanford scored early (and often, as it turns out)

Huskies are making a game of it... their 5-1 record is not a fluke

halftime... note the travelling TV camera over the Stanford huddle
same song, second verse...

game over, drive home safely

I’m already looking forward to next year’s game. Who shall it be, we’ll wait and see. Have another meat bomb.


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