Bees at Rector farm in Maine

Bee Hives at Eric and Alison's field in Monroe Maine

Honey in a jar
A jar of honey and honeycomb from our bee hives

Rector Farm in Monroe Maine
Our house and barn in late October

Bee hives wrapped for winter
December: Bee hives wrapped up for the winter.


3 thoughts on “Bees at Rector farm in Maine

  1. Just to be clear, the only part of the hives that is “ours” is the land they’re sitting on. Our neighbor Dana owns the hive boxes and bees, and he is handling all the bee wrangling. He gave us a frame of honey comb (wax plus honey) from late summer (the remainder of which you see in the jar), that is apparently (from it’s light color) made mostly from the flowers of the black locust trees the bloomed in mid-June. It’s super floral smelling, much like the flowers themselves.


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