Carol Retires

Preschool Program Coordinator

Early Childhood Education Center
San Francisco State University 1992 – 2012

On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, the Rockies beat the Giants 6-3 and Carol told Sarah she would retire as of June 1, 2012. At home that night, she said to me, “It’s time. You better practice having me around.”

Well, that was plenty of notice, but the weeks and months did pass and Associated Students of San Francisco State University decided to throw a big party for her. She is the first person ever to retire from AS. Later, we learned that Carol’s colleague Nahid, from the infant/toddler wing of the Young Children’s Education Center would share retirement and the party.

The party date was set for Friday, April 27th and it turned out to be a very strange and wonderful day for Carol. First, she was honored at the annual awards breakfast of SF Child Care Providers Association and presented with a certificate of recognition:

California Legislature Assembly
Carol Rector
ASI ECEC Program Director
Honoring exemplary leadership and outstanding commitment to the success and development of the children in California, helping them grow to their full potential while supporting parental involvement throughout their educational, and dedication to the both the children and their families, thereby benefiting all the people of the City & County of San Francisco and the State of California.
Assemblywoman Fiona Ma
Speaker pro Tempore
Presented April 27, 2012

When she got to the school, she was confined to her office, as secret party preparations were going on all over the place around her.

I arrived at the Center minutes after 5:30 and was greeted by Paula and Andrea then Matt and Andrea and Elias.

Meanwhile, Carol was being greeted by everybody. The party was outside in the school yard. Decorations were in abundance, really good food was offered along with bright red fruit punch. The weather was perfect, featuring 65 degrees and a bright setting sun. The yard was filled with over a hundred colleagues, parents and kids stretching back for many of Carol’s 20 years at the Center. Everyone was in a celebratory mood.

The Scene

Sarah gave a marvelous introduction of the honorees and then many people came forward to offer their congratulations and remembrances — parents and former parents, former colleagues, former students and of course, officials. Fortunately, speechifying was limited to two-minutes each as the famous San Francisco weather lost its warmth and fresh breezes promised goose bumps.

Benches, with handsome dedication plaques, will be placed at the entrance in their honor.
AS Executive Director Peter Kuh went on and on about how much he admires Carol and Nahid... and chocolate.


AS President Andrew Guitierrez III and President Elect Kharyl Anne Bugaoisan

Carol and Nahid were made Honorary Members of Associated Students, the FIRST EVER to be so recognized.

We hereby honor
and award
Preschool Program Coordinator of Early Childhood Education Center
San Francisco State University
Honorary Membership of Associated Students Incorporated
Presented on April 27, 2012
Andrew Gutierrez III
ASI President 2011-2012
Board of Directors

During the ceremony Sarah took the opportunity to read the contents of recognition by the California State Senate that hangs outside Carol’s office:

Special Recognition
In honor of
Carol Rector
In recognition of dedicating over 25 years
as an advocate for young children,
their families
and improving education.
State Senator Jackie Speier
April 6, 2003

I still have a few weeks before Carol’s “Occupy Home” movement. She definitely has plans —


4 thoughts on “Carol Retires

  1. Wow.
    Congratulations Carol.
    And now you have a new adventure ahead of you, as you move to Reno.
    Good work! What a great role model.
    Love Alison


  2. Wow, Carol…it looks like a truly first class event (for a first class career!) Kel and I would have LOVED to be there (but of course you know that). R U sure you want to move to Reno? As rarely as we are in SF, there is NO business reason to be in Reno. Ever. Guess I’ll just have to pay for the damn trip myself to see you guys! Hope to see you in late July/early Aug when we are out to the West Coast.


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