Ribs King Clean Plate Club

On the way home from Norris Lake in Tennessee after a week of sun and fun on the water with friends Brady & Holly, we stopped for dinner at the original Montgomery Inn in the Cincinnati suburb of Montgomery. I’ve heard about this place for years – since 1951 home of reputed great ribs with famous “Ribs King” sauce – but as far as I remember I’d never visited (unless I was there as a kid while Liz and Bus took me everywhere!) Well, I’ve decided it will likely be re-visited! The first photo shows us bibbed-up and ready to eat.

My Slab

Living up to my family reputation, I was a clean-plater, and I washed it all down with a Montgomery Inn micro brew “Ted’s Pail Ale.” Excellent ribs, prepared with a very nice initial rub and topped of with a great sauce!

All-in-all, good meal, cool place, a very tasty slab of ribs worthy of overturning Fred Flintstone’s car!


One thought on “Ribs King Clean Plate Club

  1. Good show. I lunched there alone on the way to Hale-land to meet Carol. It was good enuf, sorry I missed dinner with C. Maybe next time.


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