Jocks and Rain

Edgewood Tahoe American Century Celebrity Championship

Carol and I went off to South Lake Tahoe for the Celebrity-Amateur part of this golf event. As we crossed over the mountaintop to the west side of the mountain, leading down to Tahoe, it started to rain. Bummer. First rain we’ve seen since moving here. (Geography NOTE: Reno is at 4.500 feet elevation on the east side of the Sierras, Lake Tahoe is at 6,200 feet on the west side.)

C is not into walking a lot, so we selected a spot in the bleachers at the first tee. We arrived just in time to see Rodney Harrison tee off. Each Celebrity was teamed with 3 or 4 amateurs (who allegedly paid $5K each to participate). (Never mind, there is a waiting list.)

Carol then watched Charles Barkley tee-off while I slipped over to the adjacent 10th tee to check out Alex Smith. (guys all look taller and thinner up close than on the TV)

Alex and Sir Charles schmooze before hit-time

Alex tees off with an iron on the 408 yard 10th
SeeBass gets ready to hit.

With sprinkles of rain coming and going we witnessed the drives of Sebastian Janikowski, John Smoltz, Joe Carter (of Blue Jays walk-off home run fame), Greg Maddux, Emmitt Smith and Brett Hull. We grabbed a surprisingly good pulled pork sandwich (c) and hot dog (m) and made our way back home.

In spite of the rain, it was a good outing. The course is lovely and the tournament is first class and affordable, $15 each at the gate. In good weather, we would have — at least — hung out at the lakeside par 3 17th hole for a while, and watched a few come through 18.

Wait’ll next year; but I’ll go on a Friday when the Celebs are playing in foursomes with one another.

For this year, check it out on Saturday and Sunday on NBC.


2 thoughts on “Jocks and Rain

  1. Regarding the tall and skinny… When living in CT, I marshaled at the Greater Hartford Open (now called the Travelers) at the TPC at River Highlands. Many of the pros were about my height (5’9″ or so) and about 150 or less, but hit the ball a ton. The exceptions (at the time Greg Norman, et al) were bigger but the bulk were in the skinny category.


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