Midtown Reno

I took my morning walk in Midtown this morning… Started around 7:30, so stuff wasn’t open. I read somewhere — maybe in the Sunday RGJ [Reno Gazette Journal] — that stuff was happenin’ in Midtown… indeed, we ate at Midtown Eatery with Brian a while back BB (Before Buying), shopped at Ace Hardware last week and CRAFT Wines and Spirits just yesterday — all without knowing of a thing called “Midtown.”


I had reason to be in the area this morning, so hey… I’ll take my walk there. What you’ll see is what I saw. I parked on California and walked from California Street south on South Virginia, to Mary Street and back north to Liberty Street. From the git-go I was I was taken by the quality of graphic art, so I whipped out my iPhone (the only ‘camera’ I had with me) to record the events.

MIDTOWN graphics “sewn” into a chainlink fence across the street caught my eye… more on those later.

SUP I’ve read about in Edible Reno/Tahoe. Now, I’m eager to visit.
Nice wall art. Hmmm… what does Cliff Young think of this?
I couldn’t resist the colors and graphics, but what in the world…?
So I stepped around the corner to find out.

This is the website, plastered on the wall of JUNKEE. I learned a little and so can you.

The sign pretty much tells the tale.
Just next door…
A closer look at the MIDTOWN fence sign.
Farmers Market tomorrow, I’ll have to check it out.

Many many lots in Reno look like this (without the swell graphics)… graded, street and curb built and stop and wait for an economic uptick.


A sculpture in front of the Federal Courthouse carries (or perhaps preceded) the artistic influence of Midtown.

With this introduction, I will surely be back to Midtown to discover more and sample the flavors.