Last Time YOU had a Hot Weiner?

Naturally, the challenge for any foodie upon arrival in a (relatively) new city is to ‘get real.’ I’m happy to report that my first foray away from the convention hotel in downtown Raleigh, NC yielded a bullseye.

Apparently The Roast Grill, on S. West Street between W. Morgan and Hillsborough Streets, has been there since the 1930s serving hot dogs and Coke. That’s it. Your choice of toppings are mustard, chili, onions, and/or slaw. Their motto is ‘We burn them for you.’

The interior is tiny, with three two-seaters on one side and a tight bar along the grille that seats maybe 10 people, and has been decorated by the accumulation of Coca-Cola memorabilia. This is a local spot with the folks behind the counter holding conversations with almost every customer, lots of greetings when the door opens from both sides of the counters. What a find!


2 thoughts on “Last Time YOU had a Hot Weiner?

  1. Funny you should type “locks” instead of “looks” because right after I walked in the door the cook asked me to lock the door behind me because they were shutting down early. It certainly wasn’t organic or animal welfare certified food, but the decor and crowd and atmosphere and the burnt dog made a memorable meal.


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