The Giants Win the Pennant,The Giants Win the Pennant!

In December 2010 I chronicled the SF Giants season, culminating in their first World Series Championship in over 50 years. It was celebrated with a parade on November 2nd, and having nothing I would rather do, I was there.

Now, a scant 2 years later, the Giants went and did it again, defeating the team boasting the first triple-crown winner since Yaz, and Justin Verlander, proclaimed the best pitcher in the world. Well, the Giants swept the vaunted Dee-Troit Tigers in four games. Boom. It was over Sunday night. So the city of San Francisco threw another, bigger parade on Halloween. The world turned black and orange.

I was sorely tempted to make the drive from Reno to SF, but then regained my senses. In 2010 I rode my scooter to the parade route, and as soon as the last float passed, I rode home to watch the ceremonies on TV. No way I could get anywhere near the stage. If I drove down… well, you can imagine the scenario.

And yet… I have pictures. How can this be? It’s magic, as you shall see.

Our last 2012 Giants game at ATT Park; Giants 5 Reds 0, June 28.
Paula, Sarah and Carol. Could it have been any colder in Detroit?


The Monday Chronicle front page.

and the Sporting Green


Matt Cain, his wife Chelsea and daughter Hartley, driven up Market Street by Alex Smith. [Picture from the Thursday SF Chronicle front page.] At the first parade Hartley had an obstructed view seat (she was born five months later).
About a million people lined the 1.7 mile parade route from the Ferry Building to City Hall. Here you see some of the 1 1/2 tons of confetti fired with paper cannons from the roofs of the Market Street buildings.

A fine crowd was gathered in front of City Hall awaiting the players and honored guests.
The Stage is set.

The orange seats are for the players, yet to arrive. Those seated include the present and past Mayors of San Francisco, Giants Hall of Famers including the great Willy Mays; Nancy Pelosi, former Secretary of State George Shultz, President Larry Baer, GM Brian Sabean. Manager Bruce Bochy will bring in the team and their World Series Trophy. Seated in front of the main stage are all of the Giants many employees, from the front office people to the ATT Park ushers.

Beach Blanket Babylon opened the show with song and symbolic brooms.

San Francisco
Open your Golden Gate, Don’t let a stranger wait, Outside your door.
San Francisco
Here is your wonderin’ one, Saying I’ll wonder no more.

Mayor Lee presented a Key to the City to the Giants, and a Broom to the City to Larry Baer representing the team.

Here, the team is gathered around the World Series trophy.


After every home win, Tony Bennett singing I Left My Heart in San Francisco is played for the fans. Since the Giants won on the road in Detroit, the song still needed to be sung.

At the very end, after the pictures, a surprise guest was announced: What could be more fitting than for Tony Bennett to come to San Francisco to sing.

Sergio Romo, the Giants new-found closer is behind Tony Bennett holding aloft the World Series trophy.
“When I come home, to you, San Francisco…”

It was as if we were transported to The City for the afternoon.



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