Oh Christmas Tree…

New Home, New Christmas Tree
We went out and chopped down our 2012 Christmas tree and put it up in the living room.

Our tree.

Where do you think one would find such a tree in Reno?

Everybody sells ’em, from the Garden Shop Nursery to Walgreen’s to any supermarket to Whole Foods for the sustainably raised and good tasting.

We got ours…

… in a box.

There’s the box in the foreground…


Here’s Carol putting it all together…











And so… Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. We always buy a SMALL live tree and plant it in the yard after Christmas. Only one has not survived the process. We keep it outside the window of the great room on the screen porch, suitably decorated with LED lights. This year’s “tree” is a midget – about 2 feet high and skinny – a mini blue spruce.


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